Thursday, February 9, 2012

how to get tick-tock-ing?

I'm so excited every time I make a sugarpaste tutorial andthis time I'll be sharing how to make the clock which I'm going to use for my Alice in Wonderland cake..

We'll need:
brown fondant
white fondant
cookie cutters one big and one smaller
black edible writer
white gelpaste
gold luster dust
edible glue

Roll it in your desired thickness. For me, I like it to be quite thicker than usual, it is a clock after all...
Cut it with your large cookie cutter and smoothen the sides with a little bit of crisco. 

Roll the white this time a little thinner than the brown one. Cut it with a straight cutter or serrated.

Assemble it with. Make sure you put the white fondant on the middle of the brown one.

Make two oval shaped brown fondant and by using your stitching tool mark the other one in one direction. Stick the plain one on the top of the other oval shape. 

Using your white gelpaste, Paint any design you want on the plain side of the oval shaped fondant.

Brush it with gold luster dust.

Using your edible markers, write the number signs and the hands for the clock :D

Happy decorating!



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