Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Make Hello Kitty Cupcake Toppers

Cakers have been talking about short notice orders over WayBeyondCakesByMayen this morning then I remembered these Hello Kitty cupcake order which I got notice just the night before. Good thing the girl is my friend so I just can't say no. 

Since this is made upon such short notice, I didn't have Hello kitty cutters which will save up much time from decorating. Here are some tips how you can make these gorgeous toppers without the perfect tools.

What we need
Fondant in pink, white, black, yellow
Rolling pin
Modelling tools
Blade or Exacto Tool
Edible Glue and brush
Americolor Super black or Edible writer
Hello Kitty Face Pattern
Start by printing Hello Kitty on a hard type of paper and cutting it. Using this cut-out as a pattern on your rolled white fondant, trace your blade through the edges of the image. Make sure that you place your White rolled fondant on a wax paper with a thin smear of Crisco before cutting to prevent the fondant from moving while your cutting it.

Here's an image you can use for printing
If your going to make large amount of Hello Kitty topper, you can also buy a Hello Kitty fondant cutter here.

To make the bow, roll out your pink fondant or gumpaste and cut 5x5 cm to make even sized balls. I always use this technique to make sure that the balls are even in sizes.

I know that the balls still have creases but not to worry, you will flatten this balls and those creases will be covered by the sprinkled later.

Flatten the pink balls

..and pinch the other end  to make it look like the other piece of the ribbon.

Using your ball tool or any round- ended tool, make a dent in the middle of the fondant.

Brush the spot where the bow is going to be placed. Jazz it up with some sprinkles and non pareils.

Be very careful when using a blade. I cut the blade in half to prevent cutting myself with the other end.
Using this sharp blade, there's no need to roll the fondant into a ball again because the cut is already perfect.

Hello Kitty won't be a kitty without those whiskers yeah? So draw those whiskers with you edible pen writer or using black color gel and really fine paint brush only used for this purpose, of course. Easy peasy!

And.. Voila! Hello Kitty  CupcakeToppers! So much fun to make in a few easy steps. 

Have a happy Midweek everyone!

And if you have some questions or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment here or on my facebook page here



  1. like the tips specially making the eyes evenly sized.

  2. Wow thanks! yeah because I always have a hard time aking the eyes and nose uniform in size by getting a bit and rolling with your fingers..


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