Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chocolate Lovers Castle

Along welcome Rotonda there's been a castle I've been wanting to enter.. In this castle they don't celebrate  the King and Queen's Ball but here in this castle, they have something worth of a celebration surely you'll be excited about..

 The castle...
 From sprinkles to syrups..
 I love the cat cupcake boxes!!!

 Well stacked containers..
 Where it came from.. Cacao or Cocoa

And of course the where the castle is named
be gourmet or ordinary, red or green, balls or chips... I'm sure they have it!

 Cutters and pans and candles

 yummy flowers..
Every castle has its own secret well in here.. its the chocolate!
located just along welcome rotonda Quezon City!
45 P. Tuazon Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City Quezon City, NCR




  1. Hi my friend has been looking for a specific type of chocolate called "Valrhona chocolate" when you have visited chocolate lovers are there any chance that type of chocolate will be sold there?

    1. Hello GT! I believe they don't have that chocolate.. but I have a trusted online baking store where she can buy them here http://love2bakeco.blogspot.com/ and try looking them up on facebook! Thanks!

  2. I was SO grateful to have found Chocolate Lover. Until I tried to pay using a Union Bank Visa Check Card. After 1.5 hours of shopping and racking up 4998 pesos worth of stuff they couldn't wrap their brains around what a Visa Check Card is.

    Even though VisaCheck has been available for 5 years now in the Philippines, the "manager" (no idea where she managed to get that title) just couldn't understand how a card could be a debit card AND a visa credit card.

    No, just b/c I'm a foreigner doesn't mean it's a foreign credit card (as my Filipina wife explained over and over to them). You SEE the Union Bank logo on it right? You have heard of Union Bank?

    "sir, we don't accept debit cards".

    No problem, just run it as a local credit card.

    "Umm, for a while".


    They refused to swipe it. Literally they spent 35 minutes going back and forth asking each other what to do and searching for the manager (who had just disappeared). They refused to just TRY running the card. The entire store was stopped. We asked them to open another register for the people waiting in line. Ugh. People in line were like "Ate, just swipe it, what is it going to hurt"?

    Finally after 45 minutes I'd had enough and just swiped the card myself. Guess what. It WORKED. AMAZING. Idiots almost lost a 5000 peso sale.

    So while I love that I FINALLY found a place to buy powdered buttermilk after 8 years of searching I'll never step foot in that place again.

    If you're too stupid / lazy to keep up with methods of payment that have been around for FIVE YEARS....

    If you're too cowardly to just try swiping a card b/c you're afraid the world will stop spinning.....

    If you're such a bad manager you leave an upset customer and go sit on your BUTT in the "wholesale" department while your minions who you have not trained or empowered to make simple decisions run around in circles like chickens with their heads cut off.....

    Well then you won't be getting any more of my business.

    1. Hi sir thanks for sharing your story and sorry for your predicament.. Just to clear things I am just also sharing my experience with this castle but I am not in any way connected with them.. This store closed already btw and reopened under new management (it's all about baking)


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