Sunday, January 8, 2012

Before I let you go.. I want to say I love you

Probably your wondering what's this song have to do with my post.. You'll know once you see the pictures below..

Haven't you ever felt being so attached to something you made so precious in your own sight? Yes I did!
I was entrusted to make a doll cake (Barbie inspired) for Patrixia's debut and so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to unleash the fashion designer personality in me. I made two designs and asked people which one I should use for the cake. My hunch was never wrong so I went rightaway and worked it out! it was a little overwhelming since this is the first time I'm making this doll cake.

ruffles and hand painted ribbons!

what's a gown without a ribbon?

this doll's having a bad hair day

my favorite-est part is the back

like I said didn't I?

love that heart-shaped tube :D

beads! for added detail <3

and ofcourse! the brooch!
♥♥♥ ahhhh I think I'm in love!!!! this is a one hard-to-let-go piece of a cake!


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  2. Ate Arah Pa-Accept nmn po ng friend request ko po sa FB!
    Tnx po:))
    ganda ng mga cake!

  3. ah okay hehehe hahanapin ko pa


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