Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY: Angry birds cake topper

Finally... I've been searching for a chance to sit and share with you how I made my angry birds cake topper for the cake I made with Minnie mouse. And so here I am waiting for my aromatic cupcakes sitting in my oven, I contemplated.

I'm so excited! So let's begin, shall we?

Here are the list of things you need:
fondant(black, yellow, red. orange, brown, white, blue)
round cookie cutter (about an inch and a half) an 855 tip will do
rolling pin
fondant modeling tools

1. Roll your blue fondant into a ball. Make sure that you roll it firmly that no crevices will be seen. Using a toothpick or your modelling tool, poke the area where you would want the eyes to be placed.
 2. Get a pinch of the red fondant and roll it into a tiny ball and flatten it. Attach it to the eye area and poke it again.
 3. Use white fondant to repeat procedure 2 and attach it but do not poke the white portion this time.

 4. Roll your black fondant tinier that the white one. Flatten it and attach it to the center of the eyes.
 5. Make 2 small tear-shaped blue fondant and 1 large tear-shaped orange fondante.

6. Poke the top of the head and the middle nose area. Cut the orange fondant half-way to form a beak.

 7. Brush the area with edible glue and attach the pieces to the hole. Voila!
(while listening to blackbird of the beatles.. uhh I love this song! especilly when sang by Cameron Mitchell)

1. Roll the red fondant into a ball bigger than the blue bird.
 2. Poke the eyes and attach a dark red fondant. Then, attach the white ones, and the black. (Don't forget to make black tear-shaped fondants for the eyebrowa)
 3. Cut a white circle for the bird's breast using a big tip or a round cookie cutter. Stick to the bottom firmly.

 4. Attach the cockscomb and the beak.

(you'll probably find me crazy but I'm still listening to black bird... ahhh soothing)
1. Roll your yellow fondant into a ball until it's totally smooth. Allow it to sit on the surface and shape it like a volcano. (yes like Mayon Volcano)

2. Follow the instructions on the red bird but change the color of the eyebrow, eye bags and cockscomb.

Finally, the moment I've most awaited... the pigs!

Hope you enjoyed! 
Happy caking! 




  1. what type of fondant did you use in making these?

  2. Hello noobaker! It's made of homemade fondant.. marshmallows and icing sugar is all that you need :)

  3. love this tutorial !! building an Angy Britds cake for my sons birthday


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