Monday, January 30, 2012

Minnie mouse vs. Angry birds!

Hahaha! One of my church mates commissioned me to make a cake for her birthday celebration! But she wanted a cake that her two kids would enjoy. One likes angry birds like who doesn't? right? and their cute princess goes gaga over minnie mouse. My mind went raveling with tons of ideas the moment she told me minnie mouse and angry birds! But hey! good news everything went smoothly into place

I had a little emergency with the ready made fondant that I bought though...
You see the cracking on the brown surface? Never had those problems with mm fondant.
 Everybody just loves angry birds
 Every bit of detail, I love making in this cute cake!

 and look how posh Minnie is?

I finished it up with grass and flowers to make it more alive and funky!


yumminess at it's best(not referring to me okay? but the blog of course!)

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