Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cupcakes for Mouth Hygiene

The only reason why I say this post is untitled because I couldn't seem to find the right title for this blog post!

The False Teeth Cupcakes? scratch that!
how about Cupcakes for Orthodontists? scratch that again! It can also be for denstry major.. hmmm wait
I know! How about Cupcakes ala Mouth Hygiene?Ssounds interesting enough for me :d

I've been wanting to make cupcakes, cakes or anything you can pop in the oven this past few weeks. As they say here in  the Philippines  (nangangati ang mga kamay ko magbake!) and very timely these crazy girls Rossette and Cyrene  from our church wants me to make cupcakes for their teachers and peers! Why crazy? you'll know once you meet them!
I've put a lot of thought in what I'm going to make after all this is a first in year 2012. It better be something worthy of my new year break..
Tadaaa! I made a very chocolatey cupcakes soaked in melted white chocolate!!! Doesn't it sound so delicious? Then for the design, I made all the essentials in Rosette's course (Dentistry).
Sets of False teeth, toothbrush, toothpaste, and syringe

Braces with rubber bands

Wanna have a shot?

I like these gels! They make my toothbrush seem real <3

Don't forget your toothpaste!

Remember the days when you get to choose what color to put on your braces?
and you end up with several colors on your teeth!

Make sure you brush your teeth after eating this cupcakes!
 Happy brushing!!!

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  1. bahaha.. I removed the untitled post title and replaced it!


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